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Preparation Courses

Prove your teaching knowledge with this series of flexible tests

TKT is a series of modular tests. You can take each module individually and decide how and when you take the tests. You can take the modules in any order you like, and in any combination, which allows you to tailor the qualification to your needs.



Módulos básicos:

TKT Módulo 1. Background to Language Teaching.

TKT Módulo 2. Lesson planning and use of resources for teaching.

TKT Módulo 3. Managing the teaching and Learning process.

Módulos especializados:

TKT CLIL-Content and Language Integrated Learning.

TKT YL-Young Learners.

¿Para quién está dirigido TKT?

Docentes nuevos y experimentados.
Recomendado para docentes con un nivel de inglés B1 o superior.
Docentes que enseñan a estudiantes de primaria, secundaria o adultos.
Docentes que quieren probar sus conocimientos de enseñanza.
Docentes que necesitan un certificado reconocido a nivel mundial.

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